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Tax Preparation

Taxes are our specialty here at Animas Accounting! Our founder is an Enrolled Agent, which is a tax preparer that is tested and regulated by the IRS. Like CPAs or attorneys, Enrolled Agents have unlimited rights to prepare taxes and represent their clients before the IRS in the event of a tax examination. But unlike CPAs or attorneys, Enrolled Agents specialize specifically in taxes, and because they are federally authorized by the IRS, they are not regulated by individual states and can practice anywhere in the US. Enrolled agents must complete continuing education credits every year so they are always up to date on the latest tax laws. Besides our tax expertise, we also make doing your taxes with us simple, with secure online document transfers, and straightforward pricing where you only pay for the forms you need.


Personal guidance for any tax situation

We love working with individuals and families on their annual tax returns. We will do your federal and state taxes, keep you compliant with all tax laws, and make sure you are getting the biggest refund possible. We can work with you year after year as your life changes and provide advice on how to manage new tax situations so you aren't overpaying to the IRS.


Simplify your taxes and only pay for what you need

We work with all types of businesses during tax season. We can file your federal and state returns, ensure you are staying compliant with all tax laws, and provide specific advice so you can reduce your tax liability as much as possible over your fiscal year. If you choose us as your bookkeeper, we also provide deep discounts for your tax preparation. 

Other Taxes

We can help with any tax situation!

Getting Started

Want to open a business but don't know where to start? Should you be an LLC? A corporation? And what about insurance, licenses, taxes, and everything else? Although starting up is often the most intimidating part of a business, it doesn't have to be! We can help set up your business for you, and offer personalized support every step of the way.

Growth & Development

There are countless questions that arise in the course of your business. Should I hire an employee? Does my pricing model make sense? Am I doing this right?? We can offer modeling, insights, and other personalized resources to help you navigate any situation.


Are you a numbers person? We are too! If you are looking for in-depth statistical insights for your business, look no further. Our founder has many years of experience in data analysis and can help you with research, stats, and customized reports on nearly any aspect of your business, for the most important metrics you need!

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