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Human Resources Consulting

We are experts in human resource policy. We can help define your internal procedures or consult on specific issues. Working with an outside HR consultant can be an inexpensive option for small businesses without an HR department, and it can provide a more unbiased perspective when internal issues arise. Below is a list of our most common services, but we customize all packages for your unique situation. Please contact us to discuss your business needs and request a quote.

Employee Handbook

Every business needs an employee handbook - not just to legally protect you, but also to define your company culture. We can write your entire handbook for you, or we can audit your current policies to ensure that you have covered all of your bases.

Employee Issues

Struggling with a specific situation and need some advice? We can research legal issues in your state and provide guidance on how to handle your problem. We can then help you turn a problem into a new company policy.

Pay & Benefits

We can help design and implement your complete compensation package, including pay, benefits, bonuses, and profit sharing, and find the right software to manage everything. We can also analyze your current compensation to ensure it is competitive and equitable.

Hiring & Onboarding

We can help write job descriptions and hiring material, and we can research the best places to advertise your positions. Then we can help develop onboarding material that will get your employees started quickly and on the right track.

Remote Workforce

The professional world has changed rapidly and more employees are working remotely than ever. We can help you manage the unique challenges that come with a remote workforce, including working with employees across multiple states.


Do you need some feedback from your employees? We have extensive experience in survey design to generate accurate and unbiased results. We will analyze the survey data and provide you with a full report of the results.

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