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Are you an experienced accounting professional looking for a remote, flexible job with top-tier benefits? Or are you a detail-oriented individual who loves organization, research, precision, and task-based work? Whether you have years of experience, or you are new to bookkeeping and think it might be the career for you, we would love to hear from you!

Why Bookkeeping?

Is this the right career for me?

Bookkeepers play an integral role in every business, large and small. Business owners trust us to manage one of the most important parts of their operations, and working together to make sure a business is on the right financial track can be extremely rewarding work.

You might enjoy bookkeeping if you:

  • Are detail-oriented. Maybe even a perfectionist.

  • Love spreadsheets, organizing, and categorizing things.

  • Enjoy working with computers and learning new technology.

  • Like clearly-defined, task-based work.

  • Enjoy working mostly independently, but can come together to collaborate with teammates and clients.

Why Animas Accounting?

What makes us a great company to work for?

Our employees are our highest priority. Happy employees make for happy clients, and the circle goes 'round! In addition to transparent, above-market compensation, we offer extensive benefits that are rarely seen at a small business, as well as generous flexibility and fully-remote work. Read on to learn more about our benefits.


We know your job is not your life, and we don't want it to be! We want our employees to take time off, get outside, stay healthy, and prioritize their personal lives! That's why we offer an extensive benefits package that is far more generous than most small businesses in the US.

Our country lags behind every other developed nation in employer-provided benefits, and even though we are a small company, we want to play a role in changing that, because it's just the right thing to do. 

Health benefits are available to employees working at least 30 hours per week. All other benefits are available to all employees and will be proportional to hours worked per week.

Remote Work

Our workforce is entirely remote, and we encourage employees to work in whatever location works best for them. At this time, we only hire US-based workers.

Paid Time Off

You can accrue up to 3 weeks of PTO in your first year! The amount you accrue increases the longer you are with the company. We also offer 12 paid holidays , and additional unpaid leave.

Home Office Reimbursement

Being fully remote, we know expenses for your home office can add up! We offer up to $600 per year for internet, equipment, furniture, and more.


Our schedule is so flexible that we don't even have one! You will have tasks to complete each week, but whether you work best at 8am or 8pm, you do you. 

Parental Leave

Whether you are giving birth, supporting a partner giving birth, or adopting, we offer up to 8 weeks of leave paid at 100% of your regular wage, plus additional unpaid leave and a flexible return to work.

Education Reimbursement

We are always encouraging our employees to further their education, and we offer up to $600 per year for student loan payments, tuition, books, and more.

Health Coverage

We offer a Health Reimbursement Agreement (HRA) that gives you the flexibility to choose the right health coverage for you and your family.


We offer a dollar-for-dollar match on your contributions to your company-sponsored 401k, up to 5% of your earnings, and your contributions are 100% vested immediately. 

Wellness Reimbursement

We offer up to $600 per year for a variety of wellness expenses, like fitness classes, massages, mental health services, financial counseling, and more.

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